Fragmented Marketing Strategies Seed Chaos

The promotional elements of your business are swirling around in a disjointed dance. How should you align brand, presence, and activation to deliver crafted messages for targeted audiences with Brand Strategy, Logo Creation, Brand Re-fresh, Web Design, Ecommerce, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, and OOH Advertising to consider?

Process Provides Order

The Emerald Method is our methodical and creative approach when building meaningful brands, launching refreshed brands into new markets, and developing strategic marketing plans that leverage owned, earned, and paid tactics.

The Results Are Magic

On the other side of our process is the activation; how your content comes to life in the real world. We take a tactical and targeted approach to put your message in front of people who have already demonstrated interest in products like yours!


You need transparency from both our process and our people. Our knowledge, experience, and resources exist to support you, just ask and they’re yours. The Emerald Method is our 3-step process for developing distinct brands with powerful messaging, that convert audiences, who can benefit from their offering, into customers.
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Lets craft your brand with heart, supported by dynamic strategies that are hitched to your organization’s needs and goals.

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Tailor made to differentiate your brand with a glance, we design digital touchpoints to be distinct, agile, and compliant.

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With powerful, data-driven insights we leverage strategic messages on relevant platforms to reach a targeted audience to jumpstart sales.


AVO is a marketing collaborative fixated on building and marketing brands with heart who help people live better, fuller lives. Our objective is to use compassion and love as tools in our work to make magic for our brands. We’ll challenge convention by offering innovative perspectives, data driven insights and strategic storytelling. At the heart of our process is a passionate desire to actualize our partner’s powerful goals by galvanizing trust and loyalty between their meaningful brands and discerning audiences.


Justin wants your help to make a difference in the world.
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Justin Guerra

Justin is an idealist, determined to realize a better world where social justice, compassion, and the greater good come before profit. His role at AVO is to be a catalyst for positive change. Thanks to his background in business, finance, and a master’s in economics, Justin has a unique perspective on the value of marketing and how businesses may generate the most return for their marketing efforts. He’s a problem solver who constantly thinks out of the box and thrives on finding the most efficient solutions for his business partners in any setting.


Elaine never misses a chance to say ‘Thank you.’
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Elaine Petitgout

Elaine is an innovator, known for confronting challenges with rigorous research, big ideas, and strategic plans. At AVO, she develops messaging that aligns with brand voice and business goals while resonating with target audiences. Her Masters in Business Administration informed her powerful, sustainable methods for messaging strategy, content management, and targeted activations. Elaine is driven by opportunities to push ideas to their edge and to help brands create value by challenging the status quo.


Naphtali will always tell you if you have stuff in your teeth.
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Naphtali Rodriguez

Naphtali is an accomplished Creative Director with over 21 years of experience possessing extensive knowledge in all aspects of the creative process; including strategy, brand management, graphic design, illustration, social media, video, and mobile/web development. Naphtali’s focus centers on collaborative ideation that pushes the envelope of creative endeavors, combining market knowledge and technical expertise to make strategically sounds and clever ideas a perpetual reality for the brands developed.


Jaz is the first one to lend a helping hand – even if you didn’t need it.
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Jazminder Singh

Innovative and experienced Program Manager with 9+ years of driving revenue growth by building, executing and optimizing integrated B2B campaigns within leading edge HPC, network appliance and SaaS companies. Solution driven empathetic leader with clear communication, analytical and process oriented skills. In depth experience working cross functionally with operations, product, sales and marketing as they contribute to the top line. I excel in a fast paced environment, constantly strive to learn & grow, keep an energetic mindset and have the proven ability to implement strategic initiatives with outstanding project management skills.

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Let’s Collaborate

Two heads are better than one. Let’s collaborate and make brand magic!

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Gratitude for your time and attention!


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