Cheech & Chong


their cannabis legacy.

The famous duo loved for their cannabis-fueled comedy is coming back together to reinvigorate legacy cannabis experiences with their special brand of humor.


Composing 40 years of design into a unified branding hierarchy that honors Cheech & Chong’s iconic past while aligning their personal brands for a modern audience.


Through our deep interviewing with the client, we knew that Cheech and Chong’s team wanted a brand that felt like all of their past marks. As famous actors and past cohorts, their faces made sense as the focal point of the mark. Color choice made a huge impact on the final product. They landed on a palette that was inspired by the 1970’s chicano aesthetic. Their choice was a balanced range of bright and muted hues that feels familiar and forward-thinking.


We developed a brand foundation, logos, digital marketing suite, a retail experience, and merchandising. Using these tactics, AVO helped Cheech and Chong create a multi-generational brand that can grow with them while celebrating their inclusive community.

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