Cannabis Prisoners

Born from the unjust treatment of Corvain Cooper by the US justice system, 40 Tons uses their platform to fight for rehabilitation and pursue restorative justice for cannabis prisoners.


Inspiring cannabis organizations and enthusiasts to lobby so that cannabis prisoners receive fair treatment and sentencing. Corvain Cooper has been highly publicized for his harrowing experiences as a cannabis ‘lifer’. Although his story is only one of thousands, Corvain wanted to use his platform to regain his freedom and influence larger criminal justice reform. By developing a socially conscious brand, they could support their mission by selling cannabis and lifestyle products.


Focused on telegraphing Corvain’s emotion through the lens of his family and friends, we drew inspiration from industrial landscapes and container ports. Combined with a “jumpsuit” palette we make a powerful statement about Corvain’s experience. Cannabis prisoners are often sentenced by the weight of their illicit product, so weight was the thread that ties this brand together. By showing the weight that the prisoners feel in juxtaposition to the weight their families carry, we designed a brand that sits heavy in people’s minds and hearts.


Although Corvain was in prison when the development of this brand was started, we worked with his friend and business partner to translate his vision into a brand story and messaging strategy. We used these themes to design and build their Logo, visual branding language, and website.

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