Healing Tradition

KhuenPhu's message is rooted in genuine love for asian culture and a desire to educate, guide, and earn the trust of their brothers and sisters as they explore healing remedies like CBD for health and wellness.


KhuenPhu’s founder came to us with a business idea and her sights on a growing target market in the health and wellness space. Her experience with both CBD and the South East Asian community made her the perfect visionary to bring this brand to life.


Working hand-in-hand with the founder, we rooted out the essential messaging of her brand that would resonate with Asian Americans at first, and then translate seamlessly into international markets. In a noisy industry like hemp and cbd, our strategy was to curate a distinctive look that feels both familiar and modern to american asians. Dense with symbolism and meaning in asian cultures, our visual branding language uses craft paper textures, deep reds, and iconic elephants to tell our story of spiritual enlightenment and our journey up the mountain.


We partnered with KhuenPhu to define the business name, creative direction, marketing strategy, product, packaging, website, social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing and beyond! We met her in January of 2021 and brought KhuenPhu to market with mentions in Yahoo, (and hopefully others) in August of 2021; less than 8 months.

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